3 Stages to Improve My Chess Game

Improve My Chess Bold … how do I do that?

I acclimated to play lots of chess if I was in top school. I aswell acclimated to represent my academy during Interschool tournaments… and lose. I accept no abstraction why I was best because afar from getting acceptable at the bold and assault opponents at my own level, I had annihilation else. I could never exhausted those geeks or big accoutrements in the game.

As I played added and added and developed the feel, my accomplishment akin would bead added back, accident via absent-minded mistakes and getting calmly afflicted by opponents even admitting I acutely had added acquaintance playing, afresh if I started. And afresh if I was out of top school, I alone the bold and if I got aback to it some time in college, I was acceptable at it again, and afterwards some time playing, my accomplishment akin would bead again… What was I accomplishing wrong…

Then recently, about a few months ago, I apparent that some simple concepts that I never absolutely took into application actively absolutely could accomplish a aberration in my gameplay. Abiding enough, I bigger tremendously. I am currently adequate a 15+ acceptable band at chess and I am now able to exhausted approved guys at the chargeless Internet chess server – something I could never do afore my discovery.

I would not blow and say that I am already an able or master, could cause I still abridgement training and experience, and I would apparently still rank actual low compared to those brain-frying chessmasters out there from Russia or India, but I accept absolutely acquaintance a all-inclusive advance from endure time. If alone I had adhered to those basal chess concepts during top school, I would accept won the clash or at atomic accomplished in the top quarter…

My Basal Chess Advance Concepts

Before I start, I would like to accompaniment that I did not actualize these concepts but I am application the explanation “My Basal Chess Advance Concepts” artlessly because I anticipate there are absolutely important, and I am suggesting to accept these concepts in top antecedence in your arch at all times during the game.

Again, as I said before, I am not a chessmaster or able and these tips are to advice newbies or rookies that are searching to improve. Now, if you are already a chessmaster or expert, there is no point account this, as you ability either already apperceive this or accept added even bigger strategies to exhausted this.

Alright. I will try to accumulate the explanations simple. There will be credibility to attach to during all 3 stages of gameplay:

Stage 1 – Opening

An important appearance of the bold to play correctly, that let me advance my chess game. The abstraction is simple: Get your pieces out. You apparently accept heard this abounding times, and followed this rule, but still lose? Having all your bishops and knights out just to get them eaten up? Well, that’s just bisected of the concept.

The abounding concept: Get your pieces out with basal blockage.

If you don’t get your pieces out or if they are out but cannot participate in gameplay, they are as abortive as a flamethrower underwater. Consistently accomplish abiding your pieces are out, and they are advancing / pointing to the centermost (not in the center).

Attack and aegis – If you are arena white, do not play defense, get your armament out until you acquisition an opening, afresh attack. If you are arena black, avert until you either acquisition an aperture or your adversary is a footfall abaft you in development, afresh you attack.

Pawn moves – Do not move abounding pawns up. There is a ambush that is to use your pawns to block your opponent’s pieces. That ambush maybe able at aboriginal glance, but already the assurance accumulation is broken, and you accept not developed abundant of your added pieces afresh you will be in abysmal agitation if your castled adversary is out and attacking. So, just move abundant pawns to absolution all of your advance armament and that’s it. Your pawns would afresh be adaptable after on during average or end game.

Most important – Exhausted your adversary in development. Get your armament out and adaptable (not blocked by pawns) and fast. If your adversary is crumbling moves like affective his rook’s assurance in case your abbey goes up or something like that, instead of developing his bishop/knight or castling, you are one added move ahead. Crumbling moves is the best way to lose.

Stage 2 – Average Game

If you accept done able-bodied in the opening, you will not accept such a harder time in the average game. So, in the average game, all you charge to do would be to acquisition an advantage. This can be in the anatomy of:

Material – if you are acceptable by 1 pawn, it’s absolutely enough. If you can barter all added pieces on the board, and abate the bold to Baron and Assurance vs King, it’s an 80% adventitious you will win and 20% adventitious you will draw! So if you are acceptable by a amateur or charlatan or bigger still – queen – afresh it’s a acceptable assurance to accomplishment it. Barter aggregate and abate it to the aboriginal amount accessible and you will win, aka an imbalanced algebraic equation.

Position – if you accept abounding adaptable (unblocked) pieces targeting at abounding cardinal squares, and your adversary has blocked pieces, like bishops blocked by pawns or abortive rooks in the corner, you can plan a action to either abduction added pieces or aim for a checkmate.

Domination of the lath – If there is a beeline accessible book with no pawns, abode your amateur there to beat it. This is aswell an advantage. With domination, you can aim to win actual and get a amount 1 advantage (mentioned above). There are analgesic approach to do that, but I will not awning on that because that would be a actual advanced topic.

Remember, already you get an advantage, accomplishment the bold via arrest if calmly possible, or yield the bold to the next date ASAP – End Game.

Stage 3 – End Game

This is no simple task. There are consistently 2 scenarios here:

1. You are acceptable

2. You are losing

It isn’t simple to acquisition out which one. Amount 1 or amount 2? Ideally, if you accept added pieces you will accept an advantage and you would be winning. But sometimes, that is not the case. You may accept a amateur and your adversary may accept just one abbey and a pawn, but that assurance is about extensive the accomplishment band and avaricious the queen’s bathrobe at your kingdom, and your amateur is trapped somewhere, and you accept no way to stop the pawn… you accept what I mean?

So, during endgame, if you are acceptable by pieces, just try to abate aggregate to your baron and your armament vs adversary baron and you should be winning. But be careful. Sometimes your armament aren’t abundant to win, for example, a abandoned baron and a charlatan can never arrest addition king, so it would be a draw.

If you are acceptable by position, try to arrest or abduction adversary pieces application analgesic approach like forks, X-rays and pins, to about-face the tables. You will accept to abstraction on this to get acceptable at it but actually, you can apparatus these approach already you acquisition out about them.

If you are accident by position, try to force a draw, like assorted checks ie. blockage your opponent, preventing him/her to barrage any attack. If your adversary cannot stop your checks, the bold is drawn. You can aswell try to capitalize on mistakes, afresh use analgesic approach to about-face the tables but that would be harder. Addition way is to get again moves. If a move is again 3 times consecutively, the bold is drawn.

If you are accident by material, and you are bargain to a king, try to get a stalemate. But this one is absolutely harder and the allowance are ample adjoin you.

So the aperture and average amateur are important to ensure you get at atomic some angry adventitious in the end game, if you are able to get there.


Wow, I never anticipation I would be creating a hub this long, but it’s actuality anyways. Final important tips. Be active at all times. Absent-minded mistakes can aching you bad! And be flexible. If you are blame a action that will not work, it will amount you dearly. The best way to play chess is to stick to the concepts and the opportunities for strategies will appear to you automatically.

Have fun, and I achievement you can improve. I am a accidental chess amateur who begin out how to become a bigger amateur and to win added matches, and I ambition you the best of luck!

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